Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Roman Chair - Great For Lower Abs!

The Roman chair is a piece of exercise equipment found in many gyms. The basic design differs between models, but the purpose is to work the lower back muscles through hyperextension exercises or the abdominal muscles using the body's own weight. Depending on design, Roman chairs may offer various positions.

To use the Roman chair for hyperextensions, you situate yourself face forward on the machine, angled between 45 and 90 degrees, with your belly or hip area cushioned by a thick pad. Your feet slide between cushions that help maintain stability. On some Roman chairs you kneel, lie down, stand at an angle or even lie horizontally in the starting position. The abdominal Roman chair offers a backrest and handles that extend to the front at a 90-degree angle; you grasp the handles as you lift your lower body to work the abdominal muscles.

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