Thursday, 23 September 2010

How to choose your protein powder...

If you walk into any sports supplements shop, you will no doubt come across many different brands of protein products. A well-stocked shop will have a variety of different protein blends at prices which differ considerably. On the face of it, some will look so much cheaper than others that you may instinctively just go for them.
Those who have time on their hands, will read the labels of each tub and make a decision as to which protein to go for. Make no mistake, to gain optimum muscle and weight, you need to take extra protein in the form of protein powders. The level of supplementation will very much depend on your daily intake of protein foods.
If you don't have time and you ask the sales assistant, you will encounter 3 possible scenarios:
  1. A sales person who knows nothing about protein supplements and will give you their view based on a) your own lack of knowledge b) what product they have heard of, or quite frequently c) what they find pretty/appealing to them!
  2. A manager/owner who knows which protein has the most profit and will recommend that, regardless of your goals or budget
  3. A genuine athlete/body builder who has used most of the proteins in the shop and gives you a solid recommendation – something which is rare.
If you have time on your hands and you start reading the labels, then something amazing starts to happen.


  1. stuff really make a difference?
    i just take a multivitamin every day, stay active, and don't eat fast food :)

  2. My protein powder? More fucking meat.